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What a beautiful car. A mechanics dream. Those are always in the shop, but they make mechanics lots of money. Make sure to buy one of those aftermarket insurance plans, they usually cover the timing cover reseal, tranny job, and all that kind of stuff. Very limited car. Mercedes spent a lot of money on that engine. They didnt make much money on the car because the engine was so expensive. The right bank is pretty much an M104 head and the other side is a copy. They are pretty cool to work on, but everything takes 20 hours or more. Like when people talk about the $2 part that costs $2000 to put in. Yeah that takes about 15-20 hours because you have to take the whole intake systems off, etc. It seems to me like its easy to work on, it just takes a long time. If you look up the price of an SL600 and an SL500 you will find that the SL500 has a higher resale value vs the SL600 because they are always in the shop just like the S600 coupe. If you dont drive them, more goes wrong with them.
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