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Brake Noise or Suspension Noise?

When I brake and turn at the same time (entering a driveway for example) there is a noise from the front area..... kind of like when after the car is washed and the brakes are wet and the pads aren't gripping the calipers very well. But the brakes in this case are completely dry.

My independent mechanic has mentioned that he it's because something is out of alignment in the brakes...pads I believe he said and said shouldn't worry about until it's time to change the pads. Does this seem to be a reasonable deduction and will continuing to use the brakes while it is making this noise or misalignment do any damage?

By the way I'm not positive that it is the brakes, but as I mentioned, it only occurs while braking and turning at the same time and especially on off camber entries. There is no noise if braking is not part of the above equation (ruling out suspension?) Thanks.
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