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Folks: I am thinking of going up tomorrow to take a look as RIC is only about 45 miles away.

I am having the same thoughts--the S series is a complex car but I thought that most of the problems were with the newer models with all the electronics.

I am worried about ANY type of fire damage. You never know what has been damaged. And that engine is going to have to be completely removed, I would think. I also want to closely inspect the paint all around the hood area for blistering from the fire.

I also want to see if the current owner got ANY info on how the fire started and how long it was going on for. Fire and fire damage is tricky....even the stuff that looks good inside could be damaged from any intense heat that spread below to the "fire wall". The wiring to the switches on the center panel on the inside could all be fried.

Can the S-series experts on here give me some things that I should look at especially close? I am planning to take my digital cam if I make this trip, so if you could tell me what to take closeups of, I can do it.

I saw that one of the posters here was going to ask the seller to take some pics....did they and have you been able to evaluate the damage?

I have not checked the most recent bid, so I don't know if it has increased from last nite's amount.

Appreciate the help. If I go and take the pics, I would be happy to send them to a MB mechanic to look at and discuss.

This is one that I think might just be best to walk away from. But you never know and since I am close and can look, it can't hurt to take a nice drive up to RIC and take a look at an interesting car.

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