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I paid about $425 for my PPG replacement (installed) at one of the local chain glass stores. My insurance company picked up the whole thing (shop paid the deductible) so my cost was $0. Maybe if your insurance company will only pay $350 you can pick up the rest? $75 isn't so bad if you were going to have to pay a $50 or $100 deductible anyway!

If you want a laugh, ask for the price of the back glass. Mine is delaminating from the water leakage into the trunk. I have that cool green "mildew" look in the bottom corners of the glass (very impressive on a Benz.. not!). The shop I got the best price from wanted somewhere in the range of $1100-1300. I forget the exact cost, I just remember almost having a heart attack.

The glass shop did tell me my insurance company would pay for it if it was cracked by a rock rather than just delaminated.. Let's see.. where did I put that big rock??


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