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Do you feel the vibration mainly in your hands? In the seat of your pants? Or all over?

Could possibly be any of these...

Badly balanced wheel(s)
A damaged tire
Driveshaft out of balance (any driveshaft work done recently?)
Failing flex disc
Severely failed driveshaft center bearing or support

And probably a few other things.

I'd start by crawling under the car to visually inspect the flex discs. Don't drive the car again until you visually confirm that they are not coming apart or you risk destroying the car if it comes loose while you're doing 60mph.

Then hit the next lowest hanging fruit, and have a wheel/tire shop that you trust look at them. Most will check balance and inspect your tires for free if you express a concern. Of course, they hope to sell you tires and balancing services. But a reputable shop will be honest about what they find.
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