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The car has been getting harder to start. I tuned it (rotor, plugs, wires) last month, which seemed to help, but still took a couple of tries sometimes, especially when hot. Today it stalled for the first time. He's a lawyer, and doesn't have much patience, so he left it and called a tow truck. I got a call with him yelling over a cell phone. Being as I am fresh out of automotive holy water, I told him to call the truck.
Yesterday it wouldn't start when hot. Which led me to believe it might be the accumulator I had read about in earlier posts. The car has around 100K, so I guess it's about time. I want to give him something to talk to the mechanic about. Larry Bible recommended him, so I'm sure he's honest.
Thanks for your responses!

R Talley
84 300D-T
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