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Need help with green vs mercedes coolant

Hello everyone:

Well, the fiasco with my car continues. I got my 93 190e back from the body shop on Friday. Drove it Friday and Saturday with no problems. On Sunday, I was driving to church and saw that my temp gauge was about ready to red-line!! I pulled off the road and shut the engine down, and immediately, all of my coolant splashed all over the ground - I lost EVERYTHING.

I can't take it to the body shop that had done the original work because they're 100 miles away. They advised me to have it looked at locally and they would pay the bill to have whatever is wrong fixed.

My main question is:

THey put the green coolant in there when they re-filled the fluids, and I was not happy with that. All I have in the trunk of my car is the original MB coolant. I want to try and fill it up to at least get it to the mechanic which is like a mile up the road. Can I put the MB coolant in even though it started off with green coolant?

What a pain!!

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