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Hi again,

I now have everything back togheter. New cam chain, new chain tensioner and new rails. As I wrote earlier the new parts took me back from 27 - 28 degrees of stretch/ wear to about 15. Following the advices I also changed the timing by one tooth putting the timing on 5 degrees before TDC and with some cranking to pressurize the tensioner I was at 2 -3 degrees before TDC.

Now, I did double and triple check the timing marks everywere but when I started the car the noise was terrible and it was running very poorly. Took it apart again and changed one tooth back and voila now it is running like before.

I dont think anything was damaged because of the one tooth change and I have been running the car today. The slight stumble at idle seem to be somewhat better and the performance is noticeably better. I still have the tapping noise but Iīm not terrified by anymore as I were when i saw the 27 - 28 degree stretch the first time.

Now the strange thing about all this is that for some reason the timing marks on the cams cant be right - can it? I did check that the crank timing was at 0 degrees when the No1 cylinder were at TDC. And with everything lined up according to the advices the car did hardly run.

My assumtions is that the timing marks on the cam must be off for some reason. I havenīt yet made the compression check to see if something was damaged in the process but will do so. I also think I read somewere that the no1 intake valve should start to open 12 degrees after TDC which should be quite easy to check.

Any thought on this?

Best regards,

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