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Stahlwille makes a great 9mm socket

It has a built in rubber seal and drain hose attached, and has an integrated handle for torquing - you can see it on the brake job illustrated on my web site. (Not one of my greatest photos, I'm afraid).

I don't see it on their German or US sites, but it may be in the hard cover catalog.

Using a pressure bleeder (I use the Eezibleed) once the car is on jacks with wheels removed, I can flush and bleed all four brakes in 3 minutes - just timed it two days ago - without rushing.

I have read many times that pumping the brake pedal runs the risk that you run the brake fluid in the reservoir too low and heretofore unused (and potentially corroded) parts of the brake caliper pistons are forced into their respective counterbores in the caliper, scoring the surface and destroying the brake. I wonder if anyone can confirm this?

Gillybenztech - am I right in saying that pedal pumping is ineffective with ABS brakes? And even more so for ASR?
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