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In a word, SUPERB!

I have never been in a car that rides like this one with the hydraulic suspension. I wanted to buy another S-class Mercedes so I went shopping for one. I drove everything from the newer (92 up to 2000) to many 560sel's, but they all rode like crap compared to this one. I had to drive with my huge German Shepard to Oregon, three times from San Diego. The first two times I rented new Lincoln Continental and Town cars. My dog was uncomfortable in both. The last time, I took him in the 500sel and he loved it. Nuff said! So, I keep fixing it. In fact I have enough spare parts to build an additional car, except for suspension parts, which I would buy new. BTW, the guy who owned it before me spent $3500 replacing almost all the suspension parts because he put the wrong hydraulic fluid in it. I have replaced the rest at fairly reasonable prices. The big problem I had was with a tiny little filter inside a valve which sits on top of the reservoir. It was clogged and no one knew this could cause such problems. My son, a computer tech was convinced it was something simple, so I kept looking until I found the filter inside the valve. Mercedes had to have one made for me special in Germany and it still was only $5. Now I have factory suspension manual translated into english for future reference.
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