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My car is a '84 500SEL Euro with 250K miles. Why do you ask? If you screw up the steering components on any Mercedes it will cost you. Which is why I was reluctant to initially use the prestone. But I can assure you it will be fine. Example: my car has a full hydraulic suspension system which uses special hydraulic oil the mercedes stealer wants $18 a liter in AZ. I bought Bilstein oil from a parts place in San Diego for $5 a liter- same stuff as dealer. This is the same fluid you were asking about draining in another post, I believe. You have to be careful, for sure. But a steering box is a steering box, as long as you can use normal power steering fluid. If I had a leak as small as yours, I don't even consider that a problem. My car leaked like that for two years, but then started to really leak so that the reservoir would be almost dry and I was afraid it would burn up the pump by running dry.
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