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Dave Beaumont
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Can any one tell me how the decell cut out works as some times when I slow to a stop the engine revs drop too far and stalls.

Also re idling too high etc. I posted a note re this a couple of mths back and my problem turned out to be the air flow control sw.
If you have simalar problems the way to test the sw is to conect a 5k ohm variable resistor to the air sw plug pins 1 2 3 to simulate the flow sw. You can adjust it to give the voltages shown in the manual and if your idle returns to normal your air flow sw is faulty.You will find that by adjusting the variable resistor the idle will vary as the computer does its thing up to the point where it loses control and idles high. This was the only way I found to properly test the system as the engine reverts to fixed op mode when faults arise, which means voltages at test points etc remain constant and do not vary when various inputs are changed, eg temp, air con cut in etc
Regards Dave
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