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Unhappy Very Strange Engine Behavior

Everything was perfect this morning, car started and ran without any problems. Park at work come back out 9 hours later. Start the car, it idles really bad. Like 5 cylinders.
I give it gas, no reaction for 3-4 seconds then sort of catches and surges and inmediately lets go (some sort of popping sounds coming from engine compartment). It did it several times before it idled normally. Drove home 15 miles without problems (65 mph steady). I get to the first light, no problem. When starting to give gas same thing again, no response when given gas, then all of a sudden (popping sounds) surges and runs without problems. I get home and park it idles like crap again, in neutral, park, reverse, drive.
I give it gas it does not responds, it hesitates, shakes, pops and it revs up again normally and idles ok.
I go for a drive, in the beginning it hesitates,pops, almost dies, revs up tires screech and runs and idles like a champ.
Come back home idles OK, shut-off, start again and no problems.
Go out 2 hours later no problem.
What will tomorrow bring?
Done Very recently:
Oil and filter change every 2500 miles (religiously)
Done recently (within 6 months or 15K miles):
New OVP, New coil, sparks, distributor, rotor, air filter. Recently went from NY to Fl back to NY and now NC, ran fuel injector cleaner-techron.
Done not too recent (30K miles ago):
Wires, fuel filter

Any suggestions-advise-possible diagnosis?
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