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w126 camshaft

I have a 85 380se last year I replaced the right hand camshaft ,oiler tubes and rockers . I grounded out an open end wrench and heated it up to give it a slight bend in order to fit over the back end of the rocker were it sits on the lifter ball carefully I lifted up the rocker off the ball and sliding the rocker back watching not to catch my fingers if it slipped also have some towels around the area to catch the thrust piece that is between rocker and the valve spring because it pops out and it could land anywhere if you are not watching when the rocker slides off the valve spring. If you could find the proper tool buy it ,I however was unable to locate one through SNAP ON or MAC. Also the outer cam tower bolts were something else to break lose .I ended up using a 1/2'' drive with an Allen head and a impact wrench dialed down to rattel them lose make sure you blow out the bolt holes and take care starting the bolts back in very easy to cross thread .good luck with job .
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