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Your information about the cells is what I have read on this forum also. No, my cells were all replaced before I bought the car. Had the previous owner not gone ahead and had all the new parts replaced, I probably would have not bought the car. My initial reaction was to avoid such a complicated system. Why have all this stuff when springs and shocks are so simple? The answer is THE RIDE! When I took a course in vehicle dynamics years ago, at the Univ of MIch, we learned about suspension frequency- the lower the frequency the better the ride. You can only go so low with springs by making them very long and compressing them a lot, etc. However, oil allows you to go much lower, say 60 to 40 cycles per second, I don't remember, but it is significant. The new MB uses air, probably cheaper, to get a lower frequency also. Very easy to replace I am told however. Wouldn't it be cheaper in the long run to replace the cells rather than pay the chiropractor for back adjustments and the dentist to replace your fillings? Keep me posted.
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