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What I really mean is the front bushing needs to be stiffer and yes I wouldn't be surprised to see the bushing be stiffer in the cold.

Unfortunately the bushings are the same on all the models. They shouldn't offer those wheel packages without such modifications but its entirely possible MB is out more for the money here. There was an article a while back (somewhere I can't remember) that discussed MB's decision to sell accessories for their cars to take the money away from a bunch of aftermarket "tuners".

I guess they figure if you would give your money to AMG or Lorenzer (sp?) for wheels they should get there first. (actually they did by buying out AMG)

In any case the forward bushing on the 210 chassis (and probably the 208 and 209 chassis) cars is a weakness. The new bushing will also be a weakness. If there were stiffer options they would be the natural answer. My concept is that the stiffest stock bushing will be a properly installed new bushing. To see how soft these bushings are putthe car on a lift and take a pry bar to the control arm. A small effort will cause movement that translates to huge caster changes - watch the base of the tire or lower ball joint. The movem,ent is forward and backward at that point. For some reason 55-60mph causes enough force deflection and rotational speed to cause some form of resonance. This is what you feel.
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