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Originally Posted by funola View Post
What year and model lift pumps need a reducing bushing in order to fit the updated primer pump?
Those priming pumps are used on all sorts of diesel engines. Even trucks. Some of them must require a different thread size.

Originally Posted by funola View Post
You said the dealer gave you a copper washer that is too large which you were able to seal with the addition of sealant. Maybe if you had the correct washer, it would have sealed by itself without the need of sealant? I think sealant of any type is a bad idea anywhere in a diesel fuel injection system. I do not recall anywhere in the diesel fuel injection section of the FSM calling for it. But if nothing else works.........drastic measure is a last resort.
I think you misread my post:
-Brand new Bosch pump with new crush washer leaked.
-Same pump with slightly oversize new crush washer also leaked.
-Same pump and oversize washer with sealant still leaked.
-Second new Bosch pump and new washer with sealant does not leak.

Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do after the motherhood methods fail

The best primer pump it seems is the Monarch pump. Probably wouldn't overcome the leak problem, but sure looks like a nice unit. My dealer also had a pump - identical to current Bosch pump but a little more pricey!

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