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Originally posted by MikeTangas
hehehehe, I dropped both of them. I think that is the reason there are those holes in the crossmember, that's where I fished them out of.
On mine, the holes in the bottom aren't big enough for the bolt+washer to fit (!). Ended up having to push them back to the top hole with a wire coathanger, but not before I got a load of profanity off my mind.


Ok guys, how do I replace them without dropping the bolts down into the crossmember??
Just make sure the bolt stays on the allen head/socket as you're pulling it out from the crossmember. I made the mistake of removing the socket and trying to unscrew it with my fingers, whereupon I promptly fumbled it into the crossmember. If you do lose it down there, fish around to get it towards one of the drain holes. If it doesn't fit through, wrap a stiff wire around the bolt head and push it back to the top hole.

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