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Originally posted by Holson Adi
That's funny but I don't buy that reason.

Unless maybe the fake HID bulbs are overwattage bulbs.

Were they like 100/150W bulbs or something outrageous like that with stock wiring?

What electrical wiring problems were u actually facing anyway?

You should find an independent to do this. People here recommend a guy called Enrique for those in CA.

Good luck
The electrical problems i faced is that it said "Low Battery charge".. I've been to the dealership many times regarding this problem... And 2 weeks ago which was the 7th time i came in to the dealership for the same problem. And this afternoon they told me all the problems were due to the aftermarket bulbs. If they call themselve a dealership, shouldn't they find out when i came in THE FIRST TIME? I don't get it...
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