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Originally posted by stroked 1/2 dzn
Hey joe, when you say tips, do you mean a part that is underneath the coil??? Or the wires??
The coils are the wires.

Your engine has no distributor - thus no spark plug wires.

Your engine, like other M104 engines, uses a coil pack, with 3 coil wires and 3 high tension leads. Each coil wire is responsible for firing two cylinders. One coil wires goes to one spark plug, and piggy-backs to the next cylinder via a high tension lead.

The "tips" are the resistor boots, or resistor ends. They attach to the end of the coil wire.

Replace the three resistor boots under each coil wire.

Also, since the resistance is in the boot, make sure you are running non-resistor copper core plugs.
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