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tc replacement

Well, I had planned to do it myself and I stopped by a friends independent MB shop on the way to my sons Dr. apt. I asked him to check it out. He said it would only be about $40 plus gaskets. so I thought no problem. The fact is, I just bought this 420 and it is my second 420, same year only 80k miles. Paid 5k for it. I knew it was the origional tc and rails but still drove it for 3 weeks rather my wife did. Long story short......when I got back to see what he had found, the upper rail was broken and all other rails were in need of changing. So I was committed cause I could hardly button it up and drive it back home....even though I could have changed it myself. Anyway.....I got out of the shop for $726 parts and labor. That's about right. At any MB dealer it would have been $1300. Never, go there.......with a little researching, you can find a reputable independent mb place....In Sacramento, there are several......You should see the condition of the would not believe it.....the shop owner said he has not seen a upper rail that has worn through the nylon into the metal. I was beyond lucky and as sad as I was spending $700, If I hadn't stopped in on a most likely would have cost me $6k in upper end repairs...making me a very sad and stupid guy.
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