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The brute force approach....

Well, a new grille screen for your car is under $15 at FastLane so, assuming you want to avoid the ezpensive dealer, if all else fails you could snip out a section of the plastic grille screen (or Dremel it out with a cut off wheel) and reach in to open the hood.

Then replace the grille screen and latch. The decorative metal strips should slide off, but if not, they are very inexpensive to replace.

I replaced the screen and strips on my 1990 560SEL when I bought it a couple of years ago - the screen was grimy and hard to clean and the strips tired. At that time I did not replace the plastic pull as it's invisible with the hood closed, but it would drive me up the wall every time I popped the hood, being ugly and dirty, so I finally replaced it this weekend.

I wonder why these break? Does the plastic get brittle with age or do owners stress them out by using them as a lever to lift the hood instead of lifting at the base of the grill frame?
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