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Hi Martin & Chuck,

I really appreciate Your help. If You ever come to Sweden, by all means, look me up and let me buy You a cold one and start the barbecue for with a couple of nice T-bones on it.

The only reason why I did not check the valve timing as per the specīs that Martin provided me is that I donīt have the valve adjusting screw No# 116 050 11 20 and I didnīt think I would get correct readings doing the check without that. I kind of hoped that by miracle there would be an easy check for me with the available tools.

Anyway, since I suspect that one of the hydraulic compensators is damaged but havenīt found which one yet(causing my tapping noise, I guess I better bite the bullet and head down to the dealer tomorrow and buy the valve adjusting screw to be able to check the timing properly and get some leads on this.

Iīll get back again as soon as I have had a good chance to look at this.

Please remember - if ever in Sweden!!

Thanks again/ Mikael
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