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"however if you do NOT believe the fluid level will increase as a result of heat I do NOT know how you can support your own seemingly contradictory conclusion. "

I do not believe the fluid level will change noticeably as a result of heat in a properly charged brake system. It never has for me. On the other hand, air is the most common brake system contaminant, and it will behave according to the formula your gave for a gas. If the system was improperly bled when the system was purged, that could explain the problem, as I said. Likewise if all the water was not purged - the brake fluid can exceed 100C, at which point the water will become entirely a gas.

You may have known what you meant, but both times you posted, you stated that the brake fluid will expand with heat. It will not. You are free to disagree, but that will not help the original poster resolve his problem. If you find any contradiction in what I posted, you have not indicated where.

Now where did anyone shout?

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