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560SEL Rear Suspension

I have 182k on my '88 560SEL I started replacing parts on my rear susp. about a year ago, I took advice from the forum and started with the Cells, replaced no fix problem, then the height valve located at rear (I did not notice any filter on valve BTW), replaced no fix problem, then I replaced the rear shocks (OEM Boge) not cheap, no fix problem, then the filter (I think this one is out of order), no fix the problem, I have just ordered a new pump will be here in a couple of days, as through trial and error method I have replaced almost all components, except for the rear springs which I have new ones in the garage need a spring compressor for those, and spent many large amounts of money. My two cents worth is spend a few $$ and get it diagnosed, then fix only what you need.


'88 560SEL 182k Desert Taupe w/Brown
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