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I'm really sorry guys but I do need help. I know this is deja vu Steve. And I apologize.

My car is a 1976 115 117 Euro model 240D.
I put the insulator on and the car is still not starting. Ok so I don't have a fuse for a relay switch. I did find I have one large fuse box and three small ones. I replaced all fuses. The car does turnover but does not start.....What can I try next?
I tried what you suggested before. Pulling the starter out and then holding it for 20 seconds. Then pulling it all the way out to
start. The motor is still not catching. When the motor is turning the instrument panel lights are bright. I have noticed dark smoke coming out when you are trying to start it. I've also noticed a thin clear fluid around the injector's. Any advise you can give me will be appreciated guys.
Thanks, Loretta
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