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Do you still think this is a wiring problem? The glow-indicator does not light up. I've never seen it light. I was told it did. It did always start right up without glowing until I lose the insulator. After I changed the glowplugs. The car does not idle poorly.
From the beginning when starting this car since I could not see the glowing. I've always pulled out the starter switch. I then count to 10 and pull it all the way out and it has started right up no problems. It runs better now than it did when I first got it. The engine just won't catch. It won't start unless I use the diesel starting spray. That's why I've let the car sit. I didn't want to cause anymore problems. I have noticed that when on the freeway sometimes if you look back you may see a little smoke every now and then. It has more power than it did before. It was really sluggist going up the freeway ramp at times. But, I don't have that problem anymore. I hope this info helps. I really need help. Thanking you in advance. Loretta
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