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W201 Suspension

I understand that during the course of a model's life various small revisions are made to certain aspects of a vehicle. For example I believe that the suspension on the A-class in Feb 2002 was on its seventh "generation" set up.

I believe that these sort of issues are not made too public, particularly in view of the adverse publicity the A-Class received at the outset which delayed the UK launch.

If revisions are made I would be interested to know if and what revisions were made to the W201 range, particularly following the facelift in about 1989, for example stiffer/softer springs, different dampers etc.

I ask as I feel my '91 W201 is quite soft at the rear. With even a small load, either in the trunk or a passenger in the rear seat the vehicle tends to wallow a little and something "grounds" occasionally. I have checked the mudflaps but cannot find much evidence to suggest it is these.

I would be interested to know if this was a common "fault" with the car, or perhaps what revisions or recommendations there are. I would like to keep the car as near to original as I can.

Would an upgrade to the "Sportine" set up be feasible. If so what is involved?

I look forward to your thoughts.

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