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Ok, after reading this post, I have to ask....what color is genuine MB coolant? I drained just the radiator in my car from working on it....and the crap was green!! I guess this obviously means the wrong crap has been in my car for who knows how long?? I got the car from my dad probably about 2 years ago, but was only driven about 6 months or so thereafter and has since been in storage. I started it and let it warm up and even drove it a few times up and down the road a few months after that, but has been sitting now for about....maybe a little less than a year or right around there. So I am guessing he had some idiot work on it when he had it and therefore has green coolant in it. I don't know how long it was in there before I acquired the car. A good while I am guessing.

What damage could this prolonged use of green coolant have done to my car, and how can I tell?

While I had the radiator drained, I took it out and had it flushed. I still need to have the rest of the system flushed right?? As soon I get the car ready to run again, it is being trailered to a shop to have a few more things done, like coolant flush/replacement. I'm just wondering if I might have sustained any damage that I may need to pay attention to. Thanks!
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