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chad s420
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Question need help for 95 s420

Hello everyone, I'm a first time mercedes owner and am brand new to this board. I hope to find some help with my problem. I've had my 95 s420 for almost 5 months now. It came with 18" AMG rims and 255/45/18 tires on it. Last month a vibration started and I can't pinpoint for certain where it's coming from. I took it to one mercedes/bmw/porsche shop and the guy told me the car needed:
Front A-arm bushing...............$575 parts/labor
Rear links (control arm links?)...$420
Left rear lower spindle bushing...$57
and an alignment..................$69

I told the guy thanks and got away from him as quickly as possible.
Today I took it to another specialist and he said that bushings etc., dont go bat at 94,000 miles. he said the vibration was coming from my tires being low on tread. The tires have at least 50% life on them. What do you guys think the problem could be. The car has 94,584 miles on it now. I've already replaced one tire in the front because it went bald on the edge. This was after an alignment,balance and rotation...

What do you guys and ladies think the problem could be? Could it be the 18" AMG's that are causing the bad ride? Any suggestions at all are appreciated.
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