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W126 - for a while I had no vice.... my home had no room for my woodworking shop which is where that wood vice resides.

I would remove the disc/carrier bolts by inserting two lug bolts (like in my pix) and then placing a long, stout metal bar between these two bolts. Then, with the 10mm hex socket in place on the retaining bolts, I would use the metal bar as a fulcrum by holding the disc vertical, resting on the ground (pivot point 1) and the end of the protruding bar being used to prevent rolling/rotation of the disc (pivot point 2). Boy, pictures do tell a thousand words, but my point is that it can be done without a vice.

The technique brings with it the risk that you go out of vertical because of the force on the retaining bolts and things shoot all over the place....BTDT.

When you do the spheres, make sure you use a flare nut wrench on the hydraulic fittings - with a regular open wrench the risk of damage is high as these get stuck with age.

Thanks for your kind words.
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