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Scared by my 400E today!!

It was a cold day today, -22 Celsius, my 400E went mad!

I was driving on a busy highway, suddenly I found it continued to accelerate even after I lifted my foot from gas pedal. I was lucky that traffic was not bad at the time, it seemed like engine want to rev at 2500 rpm, to keep in the traffic at 110kmpH, for the whole half hour trip, I didn't even touch gas pedal once! I had to use brake to keep the speed down very often.

Exit the highway, the local made it even worse, engine wanted to rev at 2500 rpm even at low speed, it jerked if I used brake to force it down. Finally found a gas station to stop, put it into P, engine idled at 4000 rpm even after I turned ignition on/off twice, I then let it rest for 2 minutes, deeply stepped down gas petal several times, restarted the car, the problem went away.

Was this caused by sticky cable? I lubricated the throttle cable last year with Mobil-1 ATF, is ATF the correct lubricant for this?
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