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I am a finance manager with Mercedes Benz. When a customer is deciding to buy a Mercedes I like to find out how long they plan on keeping the car or truck. If you like to get a new car every couple of years then lease. Mercedes Benz leases are not simple interest so if you do a long term lease and want to get out of your car early your buried. So make sure your happy with the car you pick. A balloon is a good way to go if your goal is to drive it for a while and then buy it at the end or sell it a long the way. With a balloon its your car. So your insurance rates should be cheaper than if you lease. With a lease its Mercedes Benz Credits car, you are just renting it, and are required to cary a higher coverage of insurance. Mercedes balloons are open ended except Texas where I believe you have a choice. With a open ended balloon you are responsible for the balloon at the end. I personaly have done both a lease and a balloon . I find it easier to trade out of a balloon. But remember if you set up a lease, its designed for you to stay in it, so its only beneficial if you complete the term. By the way the finance charge is usually less with a balloon because your guaranteeing the residual.


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