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That's not been my experience

I find this site runs hot and cold. I have the full set of factory manuals- not the cds. Latest example: A couple days ago, I posted a thread asking where to find the transmission model number for my '84 Euro 500sel. I got NO response. I went to and found where the number was and the model in 5 minutes!! Once you know where to look, it is simple. You can't tell me that people who work on Mercedes don't know such a simple thing. I've watched the responses the techs give- generally the same as you said about alldata- not enough info! When I worked on VW years ago, these questions are simple for people who work on them all the time- no big deal. Its just when you are unfamiliar, inexperienced, that it is frustrating not to know what to do or where to look, etc. Then you need all the help you can get. I don't see that help here all that much. Sorry, but that is my opinion. The help comes mostly from the individuals who are caring and considerate enough to help each other. For that I am very grateful. Frankly, I don't know why the techs are here except for some ego trip. It is easy to develop an attitude and be very terse and stingy with your help. Just enough info to show you know but not enough to actually be of great help. That's why I got the factory manuals. And that's why I downloaded the automatic transmission manual(300 pages) because Mercedes refuses to give information on the automatics also. So ***** them. But they don't mind charging you a dollar for a five cent washer to seal the torque converter plug, however.
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