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Bill, in answer to your question

I first learned about the alldata site from someone on this forum. Even though it is $25, you do get a lot of specific information. You sign up for a particular year and car. There is a section which tells you part numbers and cost as well as labor charges. Quite informative. They list practically every repair you can think of. Since I was having trouble getting enough info on the automatics I thought why not check them- they were helpful with identifying the transmission. I am very used to working with auto trans manuals, I have rebuit every automatic from a 1953 ford to a 900 pound Allison trans in a tour bus. All I wanted was info. It was good enough for me to spend the time and crank up the laserjet printer. They even had dozens of service bulletins which I will also download when I get a chance. The second year is only $15 BTW. My experience with fixing cars(I have never taken any of my cars for repairs other than tires changed in the last 40 years) and I drive a lot believe me, is that you need more than one source a lot of the time. This is one of those sources, as well as this site and the manuals which are worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately, that's how they charge for them. Years ago, when GM made decent Cadillacs, you could get a manual for peanuts. The last couple were just given to me by the dealer. They had plenty and were generous back then. Try getting anything from a Mercedes dealer! I hope this helps, which is why I mentioned it.
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