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I had a similar noise on the 300E .... dreaded just looking under the car for fear of a collapsed cat, or etc etc etc ...

... but I did .... and I found a broken exhaust hanger u-bolt. Yep, $2.00 and it was back on the road, nice and tight and ..... quiet. Often the tinny sounding problems are usually not so bad. It is the hard, heavy, low sounds that are REAL bad. Look under your car or get it up on a rack. Midas shops are real friendly this way. They want your business and they often will let you see what the problem is.

Now ....the fuel smell .... that equals raw fuel .... that equals fire potential.

>>> Don't mess with this <<< ! >>> Find the problem right away. <<<

Be diligent about this. You definitely want to know why you are smelling fuel. There are terrible stories about fuel smells ... especially with the higher under-hood engine temperatures.

Keep us posted,

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