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Having read a few of the responses here, have you thought about replacing the injectors, 160,000 mls is a lot for a set of injectors.

The injectors over time will clog up with gum, and will start to wear. The injector should be producing a fine cone shaped spray pattern. As you can imagine, if there is gum or wear, the shape of the spray is "corrupted", and may cause the injector to dribble.

When they dribble they are creating too much moisture in the cylinder and as a consequence it is a bit like flooding an engine, hence the engine will stop and will be difficult to start again until the gas has evaporated or you use the throttle a lot.

I needed to replace the injectors on my 190 2.6, and I was at my wits end trying to drive a "Benz" in such a way.

All the best

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