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having had the dash out of my 300SD, i can verrify that these are held in by little black plastic nuts screwed onto a metal bolt. If you take a door pannel off you will easily see what i'm talking about. I beleive the nut size is 8mm. I did a write up on how to safely remove the center console wood trim(both around the shifter and climate control) without damaging it, so if you do a search for that it should pop up. If it doesn't email me and i'll track it down for ya To remove the bottom kick pannels(i presume you can acess the wood with these off, although i dont know for sure, there are a total of four philips screws at the top, and i beleive one or two near the bottom. They should be easy to find. Also, i beleive you can acess the screws inside the a/c vents without removing them, but use a magnetic screw driver with a strong pick up. If you cannot remove them with the vents in place, email me and i will send you a picture of the a/c vents with arrows showing where the releases are. If you look closely i'm sure you can find them yourself though. Although my car is an 83, i pulled the dash out of an 87 560sel, so all this should be the exact same. I hope this helps,
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