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An an ex-Mac guy here are a couple of options for those of you wanting the parts CD who own a Mac and cant use it.

1. Virtual PC or any other mainstream Windows emulator. If you have a G3 or even a 1st generation PPC proc, you can easily emulate enough PC horsepower to run the CD. (Its main workhorse is Adobe Acrobat anyhow), the "menu" program is showy code, not substantive.

2. Get an el-cheapo Windows (Windoze for you serious Mac-heads) box to run it. The CD only requires an Intel 486, 16MB ram, 4x CD, 256 color video and windows. In other words, a boat anchor system. I have thrown away (into the dumpster) probably fifty systems in the past month capable of running this CD without trouble. So, get one...get it for free. Be resourceful. Machines this slow are useless to the market. If someone wants to sell one to you at any price (unless a monitor is involved), walk away. As for the "recommended" configuration - 90MHz Pentium, 32MB Ram, Win95, 16bit color (for the menu???) and Soundblaster audio (for the into screen???? What the hell was MBNA thinking.) it is not really more than one step away from a boat anchor or doorstop for the industry.
Get the CD and find a system that will run it. If you must, Go to a used/refurb computer store. Find the ugliest, oldest machine in the building (as long as it was made since 1994-95), and it will run the CD just great.

If the system you find just to play the CD costs more than the CD, you probably spent too much. (unless you got a printer and monitor, in the package as well.) (Course, you could just get a monitor switchbox and use your Mac monitor...)

Ok, enough comp. tech talk. Back to real machines...M-B.

Email me for any more detailed advice on the Mac world and this CD.

- John

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