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The older Mercedes WILL require some work, because its older. The Volkswagen MAY need some work.

I think it all depends on what kind of person you are and who will service the car. IF you like to wrench or do your own work, you will should find the Mercedes esay to work on and save you a lot of money. IF you don't like to wrench and like new car warranty, the VW may be better for you.

Consider that MOST VW dealers have NO clue about the TDI engine. Timing belts are every 60 or 80Kmi and who will do the work? Some dealer destroy the engine trying to do the timing belt and/or charge $600. IF you have a problem, you may be on your own. Consider that many MB dealers know how to work on the cars and do a good job - and CHARGE for it.

Overall, I'd say the 2.5Turbo (602 engine) is one of the best MB ever made and there are few problems with them. Those problem that do occur are sometimes "freak" incidents like a turbo goes bad or an injection pump. The 124 car is generally very good with a few flaws - some A/C evaps fail and that's a $1500 job (dash comes out). Other than that, there are some "wear" items like the rubber in the suspension. It gives the smooth comfortable ride, but it wears with time and miles. Tranny's are a mixed bag. Most make it to 175Kmi. After that some die, or leak. Others like mine are at 278Kmi with no leaks and no slipping.

I really enjoy my 300D which is the same chassis as your possible 92 2.5Turbo but with a slightly larger and engine. I will take it anywhere and leave the VW TDI at home except when it snows - because I don't care if the VW POS TDI gets totalled. I have owned both A3 and A4 Jettas.
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