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Originally Posted by RunningTooHot View Post
Wow - I am SO “in” on this one!

I’ve stated several times in prior postings how much I would LOVE to put a 606.962 into my ’95 E300 w124 chassis to replace the N/A 606. That would be the ultimate daily driver, even without any high-performance mods.

I’ve done some Dr. Frankenstein swaps in my younger days, but circumstances will likely preclude me from doing anything like that in the future - so instead I will be living vicariously through you.

Since you are starting with an ’87 chassis there will be some differences that need to be addressed, but nothing insurmountable – especially in light of your background and experience. I started to do some preliminary research (a.k.a. daydreaming) into some aspects of a swap on my ‘95. I was thinking of using the long-runner intake manifold from the N/A 606 (minus the flaps) and substituting the large diameter crossover pipe with a long water-to-air intercooler with the same basic positioning. (Reducing the tract length vs. the stock w210 front mounted IC setup.) The N/A pump linkage setup would be pretty much plug & play too.

You may be surprised at how lively the car would be with even a relatively stock 606.962 setup. If you are going to go full-tilt with a larger turbo and Dieselmenken’s pump though, you will gain some lag which adversely affects the day-to-day drivability in congested traffic; but conversely would be a lot of fun in open spaces. But why am I telling you this; you probably are already fully aware of the tradeoffs.

You may also want to consider that the cams from the N/A engines provide a higher RPM power band which again will kill some low end, but may compliment the high CC pump and bigger turbo once it’s on the boil. It all depends upon what you are ultimately going after. Are you looking for big numbers and twisted drivetrain components, or something as a sprightly yet economical daily driver?

Best wishes to you in your pursuit!
Thanks for the interest in my cauldron of oil and diesel fuel! The overall goal of the car will to remain as my daily driver but in a much more sporty fashion! I'm not setting out to rotate the earth with the thing! I do like a spirited ride and I intend to do some autocross with it at some point so the car will be getting attention all the way around sooner or later. If I can locate a T56 from an LT1 car for a reasonable amount, i'll be going manual trans some day down the road. I autocrossed my 300TE couple years ago and had a blast until I corded fairly good tires in 2 outings So, I will most likely be going with a 7.5mm pump, i'll leave it up to Goran, the pump Jesus! The Holsets are pretty good turbos for the money, good operating range, fast spooling for a journal bearing, almost BB fast. And they are tough. I may try other options later but a Holset is the plan for now. I don't mind a little lag. The 603 has the pump maxed out and currently has a Turbonetics T60-1 on it, 60mm inducer Its a bit laggy! It sure pulls hard on spool though. I have an almost 1 hour commute each way, mostly highway anyhow. I would like to get a set of N/A cams at some point to give a try perhaps. I'm pretty versed in everything I should need to address for the swap. I have pretty much done most of the research on stuff i'll need and have about 1/3 of it already. I want to get the engine put back in one piece and ready to go in as the next step. I'm ready to fire up the Tig welder and get to fabbin!

Sounds like you have the groundwork sorted out for an upgrade yourself! Go for it!
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