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Originally Posted by KarTek View Post
Hey, great to see you moving forward with this project. This year I'm going to get back on my 606 project that I've been messing with for years. I was without power in the shop for a couple years until I saved up the money to get a new 200A service installed for my Syncrowave.

What is your HP goal? I'm shooting for 400 as a safe limit before internal parts need to be upgraded. Intake charging will be via Eaton M90 feeding a Holset HX40. I'm already running a 7.5mm pump with the stock turbo and the results are impressive.

One thing you might want to consider is a movable vane in the turbo inlet to force all the exhaust into the one side of the scroll to speed spool up. Since you're building your own manifold, it would be easy to integrate.

Just some thoughts.
I'm excited about the thoughts of a first turn of the key on this whole setup! I wish I had the luxury of working on it at my leisure (like when its above 40F outside at least) but I need to get it done as briskly as possible. That means sucking it up and working in sub freezing temps. Ain't winter great! The replacement daily driver is an 86' F-350 dually with a 6.9L diesel, a truck built to go 55mph but burns fuel like your going 95mph. Its a nice truck but a poor commuter and I need a broomhandle and a bank roll of Jacksons to jam down the filler neck on a constant basis.

I wish I had a Syncrowave! My Tig is an old Miller Moonlighter 150, not a bad machine though, works well. I hope to have a Precision Tig 375 someday, with the advanced control panel and water cooled torch. I have used one before and my gosh is it a nice machine!

Goal-wise on power, I was looking for 450hp, I think that will be plenty but would like to have some room in the pump to adjust up/down. I have thought about a quick spool valve. I think I would rather have it as an individual part vs. integrated into the header. I could buy one but really it wouldn't be too hard for me to make one at all. I may venture that path after its done.
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