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Cracked Flywheel (W126)

My tech just told me that my 1983 300SD (227000 miles) has a cracked flywheel (not the ring gear). The engine had started making this high pitched whiney-squelly noise and we thought it was the turbo charger but he said he looked into a window near the transmission bell housing and could see the crack. The noise is worse at idle and quiets as you accelerate. (he said the torgue quiets it down) Car has been starting fine and drives except for this occasional whine.

He said he has a used fly wheel for $150 ($350 new) and it will be an 8 hour labor job about, $700 total!!!

Do you think the diagnosis is correct? Is the 8 hour labor too long? Can I buy a used fly wheel and Do it myself? Special tools, transmission jack, balance? I did not know the car had a fly wheel just a ring gear?

I want to get out cheap so I can sell.

Thanks for the help.
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