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Talking aux fan fun and games

Mine was operating for the first time on 25/1/03(Summer) since I bought it in April 2002(Autumn). So obviously the temp gauge sensors must be working ok . Most of the time it is on standby only and when it gets above 35 degrees celcius outside, I think it will activate as the radiator and engine fan are barely coping. I have 2 original aux fans on the front plus the engine fan with clutch. There is also a plastic aux fan mesh/bracket in front of the blades to "protect" the blades from UFOs. Most of the time, nothing can get through the Benz grille anyway except for some stupid insects that get sucked in!!! I get this a lot driving on country roads here where there are lots of flies and other flying insects. I would like to put on one of those "bull bars" in front to protect the front end if a kangaroo hops on to the road in front, but its ugly except on 4WDs which make them look so AGRO!!

Remember about the front bonnet protectors mentioned last year? Its the hard/clear plastic ones with clip-ons I'm looking for. Not the thin flexible Scotch tape type sold by others in KL and USA. Please ask around if they have any, I haven't seen any here as they say its not profitable to make for Benzs cos they don't sell like Toyotas and Mitsubishis and Nissans.

Post a picture of your Benzs' insides if possible. Can you tell me how to post a picture as you have done? I don't have a scanner, only a lowly PC for kids here. The printer is colour, but the cartridges here cost gold dollars! We make do with black and white only.

The fog horn incident hasn't repeated itself so far. I have a 1998 C200 on my driveway now, black in colour and it belongs to a friend. It goes like a jet when you step on it, most unlike my snail C180. Looks like Benz fixed the motor's rough idle, mechanical noises gone(it purrs), different injection setup, very tight chassis and doors, altogether different from my first version. Well, maybe mine is a lemon or an accident case before, don't know.

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