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S500 Variable Camshaft Timing - Leaking

Hello all. Still learning my way around my '96 S500 Coupe. I've got an oil leak I'd like to repair, and need some knowledge on how to do this.
This engine has variable intake valve timing. The "actuator" for this is mounted on the engine head; it is circular in shape, and has a two wire connector on it. The oil leak I have seems to be from where this "actuator" bolts to the engine cover.
The "actuator" appears to be bolted to the cover with several metric allen bolts. Its right at the end of the intake cam.
Is there a gasket behind this? Can I simply unbolt the actuator, replace a gasket, and reassemble?
Its easy to get to, but I'm concerned that I may lose some sort of timing correlation when I remove this part... or, is it "keyed" the cam end somehow?
Thanks, KenP
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