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Anyone have any luck replacing the center wheel control vent light bulb on a late model W124? (Mine is a 95 E300 Diesel)

There is no glove box due to the airbag.

After shining a flashlight into the center vents(there is two vents in the center, controlled by 1 wheel) there is 2 of those metal spring loaded clips, 1 on top & 1 on the bottom, both on the left hand side.
(compared to the 2 side vents, which each have 4 spring loaded clips, 2 on top & 2 on bottom)

Additionally, I could move the bottom clip, but the top clip would not budge, even after applying alot of force. Im thinking I may have to force it backwards & then try prying it down?

95 E300 Diesel w 154,000 miles & runs like a dream...
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