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Do you run your A/C frequently? Usually, when the A/C is ran frequently, you don't have this problem, since it is due to moisture just sitting in the evaporator/ducts...running the A/C regularly basically dries it all out...I have never experienced this problem personally, but when I am in the hardware store, I see many products to deal with mildew in car A/C evaporators...I did a search on google and found this:

Some of those sprays may be useful...I do not know what is effective though...I am sure there are a lot of similar products if you have a look at your local hardware store...

When I was in Ithaca, NY, I had a close friend with an Accord, and the A/C was broken...and after a while, it developed that "old sock smell" was simply was also in the middle of winter, and we had the fan at full blast with the heat up...and it just added to that wet, terrible smell...I don't know if it is that bad in your car, but if it is...I TRULY sympathize with you...
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