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I finally found an excellent 1980 300D in which to have the engine from my worn out 123 transplanted. One too many road saltings simply ate the body. The new find turns out to have what seems to be a solid engine minus the outer trappings which were in the trunk along with a crankshaft, five pistons, additional injection head, oilpan and various other parts. Will the (experienced MB savy) mechanic to which I take the car be able to assess the condition of the engine now in the find as it sits? I hate to spend a lot of dough transplanting if the core of this engine is an incompleted rebuild. I don't know if the parts in the trunk were coming or going. I will try and find the last registered owner to get the lowdown if I can.
The find is in terrific condition with only the drivers side rocker panel in need of replacement. A fairly common problem as I understand it. A past posting suggested finding a farmer to do the welding thing. .you can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting a farmer. .Shouldn't I seek a frame & body shop before killing the cat?
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