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1994 C220's lifting points on the front and rear ends.

Dear friends:

I am a new owner of a 1994 c220. I cannot find a way to lift my c220 with a floor jack or bottle jack on the front or rear of the car, because there is no lifting point at all. It looks like that only lift from the side rails at the lifting points (4 rubberised domes?) is supported. But that is where I would put the jack stands.

This sounds like a real dumb question but short of installing a four point hoist in my garage how do I lift the front and/or rear end of a c220 in order to fit my jack stands under the 4 rubberised domes?

And do you know how heavy a 1994 c220 is? Can I safely use two 2-ton jack stands AND two 3-ton jack stands to support it above the ground?

Some pictures of a car's underside and its front/rear ends' lifting points is very much appreciated!

Thank you very much in advance.

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