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Originally posted by Larry Delor:
Hey Barrel! Welcome to Mercedesshop!

I would think that your mechanic ought to be able to see any blatant (to him at least) signs of extreme wear or other equally bad items. If he doesn't have precision measuring equipment to check clearances with, I would be that a decent machine shop does. If the body is in that good of a shape, why not rebuild the're already a big step ahead by having it removed and disassembled...go all the way. (that's what I would do, anyway)
(my 2)

Thanks Larry, My situation is difficult to explain. The engine in the newly aquired car is fully assembled except for the breather and radiator and a few other peripheral pieces. Primarily AC things I guess. The engine looks like a rebuild. .clean etc. A cunundrum. The parts in the trunk are what is so bizarre. (I suspect & hope) they were taken off and then the job just stopped. I produce recordings (CD projects and the like)
and have had album projects just stopped with hundreds if not thousands invested. Not often but it happens so nothing surprises me. The injection pump in the trunk is rusted and gnarly and the one under the hood seems pristine. I suppose the shop guy could pull the head and see what is inside. It would likely turn over if there were a battery. The exhaust is disconnected along with the cooling network. The intended shop is pretty extensive and came recommended so I imagine they have all manner of gizmos for testing.
I know precious little about diesels . .Until my first 300, I didn't know that they didn't have ignition systems (as my Saabs all did) or that the horrendous noises they make are normal ,a 900 making the same noises would be on its way to an overhaul. All that clattering and such. I still am wondering about the love affair this company has with vacuum controls and the locking system in particular. It seems like dash pots and wires would be a lot more efficient not to mention reliable. Thanks for your input. . .How is that rebuild going? Better you than me, that's for sure. Under the proper tutelage, it might be fun. I am Mr.Magoo under the hood. I change oil and filters and install audio systems in my cars but that is about it. I've been putting off changing out the dimmer (multi)switch in my Audi because it seems like a hassle. Straight forward with Haynes but a hassle.
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